Ken Kerbs





CBS Montage


CBS News

A compilation from assignments between 2003 - present.

Blizzards, floods, tornados, sports, business, politics,

entertainment, health and medical, and spot news. 

Camera: Ken Kerbs



70 Days Around The World  




70 Days Around the World with Markus Koch (# 7: Brazil)

Client: n-TV Germany

Production Firm: Hyperactive Media LLC

Host/Correspondent: Markus Koch

n-TV Executive: Martin Kerscher

Producer/Director: Ken Kerbs

Field Producer: Rob Wallace

Writer/Post-Production Supervisor: Megan Warren

Writer: Mattias Praxenthaler

Editor: Lea Prainsack

Story Producers: Yvonne Arnold, Stefanie Zeyn

Director of Photography: Brian Wengrofsky

Production Manager: Nicola Westermann

Production Assistant: Leah Lennington-Koch

Second Camera: Ken Kerbs

Sound: Ken Kerbs, Leah Dennington-Koch

Original Music: Dave Weiss

Post-Production: Edgeworx, NY

Fixer: Leo Wery in Brazil 



It All Starts Here



 Cine Golden Eagle & World Festivals Award, 2000

It All Starts Here: The New York Stock Exchange

Client: NYSE Visitor Center 

Producers: Ken Kerbs, Lynne Sherbondy

Writer: Lynne Sherbondy

Camera: Ken Kerbs, Horacio Marquinez

Editor: Aileen Ghee

Sound: Bob Briscoe

Animation: Edgeworx

Graphic Design: Dale Robbins




Domino's Pizza




 Domino's Pizza Celebrates International Pizzas

Clients: NYSE Euronext & Domino's

Producer: Jocelyn Anker

Director/Camera: Ken Kerbs

Writer/Editor: Molly Williamson Welch





SAP / Sybase Partnership



 SAP/Sybase Partnership Announcement

Clients: NYSE Euronext, SAP, & Sybase

Producer: Jocelyn Anker

Camera: Ken Kerbs

Writer/Editor: Ken Kerbs




Rosetta Stone





Rosetta Stone: A Portrait

Clients: NYSE Euronext & Rosetta Stone

Producer: Jocelyn Anker

Camera: Brian Wengrofsky,

Second Camera: Ken Kerbs

Writer/Editor: Ken Kerbs













Clients: NYSE Euronext & Delta

Producer: Jocelyn Anker

Editor: Ken Kerbs






Campbell's Soup





Campbell's Soup & Healthy Hearts

Cients: NYSE Euronext & Campbell's Soup North America

Producer: Jocelyn Anker

Director/Camera: Ken Kerbs

Editor: Ken Kerbs










Nomintated for an Academy Award, 1994 (Student Documentary) 

Butterflies: A Personal Documentary

Producers: Ken Kerbs, Sarah Harbutt

Director/Writer/Editor: Ken Kerbs

Camera: Ken Kerbs

Editor: Schuyler Grant

Sound Mix: Scott James

Dedicated to Juliet Filler Kerbs




Brooklyn Food Conference




Brooklyn Food Conference Promo

Client: Brooklyn Food Conference & Park Slope Food Coop

Producers: Brian Wengrofsky, Michael Lightsmith

Director of Photography: Brian Wengrofsky

Editor: Ken Kerbs




The Gowanus Canal



The Gowanus Canal

Shot and edited by Ken Kerbs


The Assignment



Canadian International Film Festival, 1996

(Best Student Documentary Short)

The Assignment: A Documentary 

Producer, Director, Camera & Editor: Ken Kerbs

Still Photos: Scott Thode

Audio recordists: Alan Dorow & Mary Olive Smith

Original music performed by: Scott Thode

On-line editor: Schuyler Grant (Arc Pictures)

Sound Mixer: Jim Dugan (Harmonic Ranch)

Animation Stand Operator: Chris Hayes (Eric Solstein Productions)

Video-to-film transfer: 4 Media Company

Dedicated to: Evelyn Mirach & Ralph Rosenblum